Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Enslavement Comes: (Unedited): 06 Jan 2013:

The inactive witness who prefers a life full of entertainment. Will be surprised when enslavement comes upon him without bloodshed. C.J.MacKechnie
All great countries have fallen. The excessive definition of freedoms. The demise of morality and it's cousin honor. The end of integrity's right in favor of a belief of wrong doing only if you are factually caught.
It is easy to negotiate with a greedy selfish person who has no moral compass. You allow them to think they have the upper hand. Until, you have had enough and then you take it all and kill all of those who support the immoral negotiator.
Is it honorable for a man, an organization or a country of morality and integrity to conquer a man, an organization or a country who had no intentions of honoring any agreement? Especially, if there is a history of dis-honor, lies and deceptions.
 The people of the USA will lose their freedom to those politicians who have sold them out. Their lands shall be taken and divided up. Those former Americans shall either die or become enslaved. No other options if you had not already moved your wealth off shore and created legal protections abroad of your status. 
Repent and flee from sin. You Christians must take over your country from those who mean to do you harm. You Christian leaders must hold political office at all levels of government and right all of those wrongs. Which have been done for a hundred years. 
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