Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stars Picket: (Unedited): 06 Jan 2013:

When gaining control and authority over any solar system. The stars must first be captured. A complete defensive picket must completely surround the stars. While incorporating aggressive attacking elements. Which can be semi-autonomously strike for a prescribed distance, hold for a time and then return to original set positions.  C.J.MacKechnie
To observe any star system which has inter stellar intelligent life. One must look for anomaly's in the polar orbits of the central star or binary systems at various distances. Any intelligent people who has control and authority over their solar system. Will have obvious and easy to observe platforms. Declaring we are here and this is ours.
In Binary systems. The greatest source of energy to be obtained is in the middle of the two stars. Depending of distance. If the binary is a stable system. In which there is minimal energy being robbed to the dominant star.

Civilizations which have conquered planet and star creation. Odd star systems should be seen. Meaning a central star and various other stars in stable equal orbits around the central star. Perfection and equality should be easily seen in these created solar systems. In the polar orbits of these systems. You may not see any defensive platforms. As any other lesser civilizations will know the system by simple observation and not approach unless accepted by that civilization.

Any civilization which has not conquered the ability to control the programmable intelligence within atomic structures. Will have a need for resource acquisition from planetary bodies and stars. Even if they pretend to be God like. Which they will not be gods. So, when a greater civilization contacts a lesser civilization. They begin to make trades for resources or for genetic knowledge. However that occurs. They are not as superior as they make themselves out to be. Be warned of contaminated gifts. Such as medicines, sciences and technologies. Each one begins an addiction of helpless behaviors without them.
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