Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gift Inspired: (Unedited): 28 May 2010:

Encouraging and inspiring one another is a joyful gift that we all share with one another repeatedly. C.J.MacKechnie 
 Mentoring one another is the same as a prophet who positively speaks words of a wonderful world to come. If and when each of us can purge from ourselves the apathy which contaminates our sickened hearts. We will discovered a sudden healing and a restoration of our full humanity. The ability to care and love one another no matter their position, the family name or status in life. To lift up your fellow human being without any expectation of any accolade or reward.
 Just think about this.
To positively inspire your brother and sister no matter their parentage. Uplifts and improves all of humanity. To teach why it is important to do the right things in life, without fear or intimidation. Improves all of humanity and not just yourself.
To care for all children, even if those children were unfortunate to be born to bad parents. By taking up the mantle to instruct, raise up and to love these unfortunate children. Not only do you improve one life but you improve all of humanity. To push away and reject one unfortunate child only seems like you are affecting only one person. But, in truth you are affecting every human life with the spread of the apathy within you. Just look at the mentally ill, homeless and crime which seems to surround you and is everywhere. Who do you think is a contributor to all of the evil you witness in some manor? You are and all of the people who think of themselves as being good without doing any actual good works. A good person will do actual good works is truly a good person. While a person who deceptively believes they are good will do nothing except maybe write a minimal check for some cause from time to time. A bad person is not so dis-illusion-ed as the self deceptive good person who does nothing. The bad person knows they are a snake and cares not for whom ever they may choose to inject their venom into. Why do I use the word venom. Because unlike a simple bite which has a beginning and an end. The venom continues to work it's poison long after the bite is gone. Apathy is a poison. 
Will your gift today to your brother and sister be joyful or one of venom? It is always one of those choices which must be made continuously and often.
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