Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apathetic Administrator: (Unedited): 12 March 2013:

The apathetic administrator will weigh all of his selfish decisions on how it will impact his bonus. 
So, Do you think you have an apathetic administrator or have you just fired one? Either way, The duration of his tenure will become a multiplication of monies which must be spent to restore. You the controllers must find a remarkable person. One who is intelligent, professional, caring and compassionate. Then you must free up the monies for this person to restore the way things should be. Do not be surprised nor allow your anger swell in the discovery of those hidden cheap fixes, which could have even brought everything down in flames. Rid yourself of the apathetic administrator(s) and feel for what he had not done, no more. Become mission orientated and mission focused. Get the mission done with no emotion. It is only the way it is. Thinking how and why a person would do such a thing is irrelevant and will only get in the way of completing each task.  Create your priority list which can be easily altered, upon the discovery of the new problem which has been cheaply repaired. Then just simply add it to your priority list. Without any negative emotional attachments. Even the new creations just before his departure should be suspect. The apathetic Administrator will even want to profit for himself in every financial transaction. The quality of any project must be suspect.
You controllers. Do ye fear finding the right person? Be warned. The one who may be selected may very well be a caring pretender. So as long as his/her monies add up. The smiling man who dresses nicely worships his paycheck as he can't wait to leave your employ for home.

You controllers. Look first to the ones who had to endure the evil you hired on, long ago, Who smiled at you and promised those promises. Who had the acceptable car, lived in the acceptable place and spoke those acceptable words. Who you perceived to have an air of authority. Yet, he turned out to be your apathetic administrator. The hidden costs of his lies and deceptions will burden you. Those hidden costs may even burden you for years to come.
You controllers. Sit and look. Be still and listen. Be present and witness. Discover who the go to person is? Every one will go to the person who is of the most importance. No matter their title, status or pay rate. This person will most likely be your chosen selection.
WHY? The apathetic administrator is one who typically needs to feed his laziness. So, he will have a remarkable person or persons, who he can bully to do his work better than he can. Then he takes credit for everything. Thus, becoming your deceptive hero.
You controllers. Look for separation and isolation of groups of people. When you find division, you will find troubles. Even in the upper tiers of management. If those uppity upper class managers, see no need in any association with any of the regular/common help. Then they have an issue of pride, which will lead to your quality and most productive persons departing. To lose your quality and productive persons may be just that symbolic death blow. Watch, you controllers. Watch those who seem to know and can handle it all. If they separate and isolate themselves from the common staff. Then they are the new Apathetic managers/Administrators to be selected by you. To select them, will only continue the financial misery. Because an apathetic manager with cheaply fix what has already been cheaply fixed. While proclaiming heroic deeds suffered by them to get those seemingly impossible re-fixes done below projected budget and on time.
You controllers. Listen and watch for those supporters of the apathetic administrator whom you had to discharge. For, they will cry foul and continually accuse your new administrator of all sorts of atrocities. Which like the foundations poured by your former apathetic administrator, Those accusations will all crumble in their time.
added on 24 July 2014:
The apathetic administrators will deny 
The necessary tools for the corporations lowest workers.
The necessary wage increases for those workers who care the most for the corporation and is reflected in their professionalism.
The necessary hiring of new people especially when the work load has already become burdensome.

The primary reason for this kind of administrator to do these things is to maximize his corporate bonuses over the needs of the corporate entity.

The apathetic administrators will also put forth new corporate policy changes which only inflame his/her arrogant pride and egotistical supreme attitudes toward anyone who is outside of the corporate walls. Even if those policies are essentially wrong and can even be a practice of controlling his/her slaves.
A policy which controls an employees free time and where they can spend there legally earned monies.  These kinds of policies are of the most evil as they are born from the fear of an arrogant heart. Even if the corporation is a nonprofit and does much good within all of the communities in which they reside. There is no love for the least of their employees and those corporate officers who have agreed with any policy which forbids how any employee uses their own free time and the monies they have earned. Is absolutely wrong. Especially, when there is no involvement of any law enforcement, litigation or no trespass warrants.

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