Friday, March 1, 2013

Empathic Slave: (Unedited): 01 March 2013:

The Empathic Slave. Some of us are unfortunate to have been born in undesirable families. The degree of undesirable can be from mild to wild. As an empath you do have emotional, physical and spiritual connections. Which no matter where you are in the universe. You are going to feel what they feel, with intensity. It is you who must learn how to change the channel, re-direct your empathic antenna, to squelch the signal or to unfortunately turn them off forever. Turning them off forever isn't a permanent solution as if they have made real life changes which is beneficial to all. Then you can re-program their channel back into your empathic radio.
Some people are incredibly negative and hateful. Yes, this includes your own family members. I'm sorry about that. But, you the claimed empath must protect yourself, just to save yourself.
Have you ever noticed that you get sad, angry, or hateful when your mother does? How about that aunt or sibling or father? Especially, when there is absolutely no valid or reasonable reason why you should have negative emotions? Especially, when your not even involved with their continuous drama anymore. You may have even moved across town or to the other side of the country. Yet, The negative emotions, the angers and hatreds are still there. Most of this could be from a life of psychological training and conditioning. You have to do that hard psychological work within your own self to change and stop all of your stinking thinking. If not you will remain a slave to that life training of stinking thinking. You cannot ignore the psychology of you and blindly pursue the way cool powers of being a super psychic hero. If you ignore your defective psychology and we all have our own defects in our own psychology. All of the skills you learn in being a psychic or empath will only magnify your specific defect(s) in your psychology. Which means if you think your miserable now. Just wait til after you begin skill development of your gifts. Without addressing and correcting your psychology. You may be a car wreck now, but you will evolve into a train wreck later. So, fix your stinking thinking before and during your empathic growth. 
The Empathic Slave Part 2. Being an Empath may be a genetic part of your family. Guess what, It doesn't matter if they believe in the spooky gifts or not. For you who have just made the realization, That you have a history of knowing things without ever being taught them or without ever being communicated by any acceptable method. Right now it just sux being you. Your a helpless slave to your gifts and those gifts are quickly becoming a curse to your life, if they aren't already. What do you do? As a slave, your typical action to get someone to fix it for you. That is the slave mentality. All a slave does is to do as they are told, without having to think or do for themselves. A slave must be taken care of by an authority figure. Who are the spooky authority figures here is this Journey group? The needy slaves will seek out those slave masters (The Journey authority figures) to take care of all of their problems. The Journey authority figures must not feed the hungry slave but rather teach and empower the hungry slave to go and feed themselves. It is a tough lesson to learn by the slave and the slave may even consider you as mean and cold hearted person. But, The slave who learns how to fish, how to plant their seed, how to tend the seeds growth and how to harvest. Will never be a hungry slave again. As a matter of fact they will never be a slave again. The new realized empath is the hungry slave. The new realized empath must be taught that the journey is not the place for needy slaves. But, It is a place for those hungry needy slaves who desire to learn to fish and to plant their own seeds. So that they may choose their own righteous journey as free thinking gifted individuals as designed by God.
work in progress