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The Logical Empath: (Unedited): 01 March 2013:

The Logical Empath. Can it be possible for an emotional empath to operate on their other side? Yes, If they want to remain sane. Go into your closet a get your detective hat and pipe. This is important especially for the new empaths or for those empaths, psychics who desire to get to that newer level.
Before, You go any further in this message. Please read the empath materials in this group. This is from the Journey group on Facebook. It is invite only or closed or secret or all of the above.
Your an empath. So you say. What does that mean really and is it really a gift, a blessing or a curse? Did you get your detective cap and pipe out yet. Are you ready?
Every single emotion that you feel must have an intellectual thought for each individual emotion. If there is no intellectual thought for an emotion. Then it is not your emotion. So, you have to train yourself like an analytical detective like Joe Friday. "Just the facts Ma'am". Are you feeling angry? well why are you angry? Suzi stepped on your toe three times? That is a very logical reason. So, your emotion to the stepping on your toe is justified.
Very recently you have developed a very real spiritual connection to a kindred spirit named Heidi. On a soon to come Saturday your watching a very funny movie and then become incredibly worried and then begin to smile. You go through your logical detective process and ask yourself some questions. What am I worried about? You logically conclude "nothing". What am I smiling about? "The funny movie"? But, you have a certain unqualified doubt about that. So, you begin by meditating on each family member and friend. Nothing really stands out. But, what about that new person I met named Heidi. So you send her a generic message "Are you OK?" Heidi responds " I accidentally blew up a mean old X-boyfriends hair and he didn't even recognize me. I loved every minute of it-oops, I mean poor guy. He should be out of the hospital in a few weeks.
It's race time. Go get your favorite NASCAR racing shirt. I know some of you have at least one shirt. Your brain is a wicked trickster. The brain just doesn't like to have stray emotions just racing about.
This is a timed event. The time is solely defined by your own brain and it is a very real race. So, you suddenly have a bad and sad emotion. You think to yourself. I'm not logically thinking about any bad and sad thoughts. Then suddenly boom. You are now thinking about a bad and sad event which happened to you. So, is now everything OK in the world of your empathic brain? Nope, it taint. Your logical part of your brain searched your own memory to find a bad and sad event which matches your bad and sad emotion. Pretty cool. Nope, your brain just coped with a stray and unknown emotion. There is someone out in the universe who you have a connection to that is having some bad and sad emotions. But, now your brain just muddled it all up. This is of course bad, but it really isn't because the brain is trying to protect itself. So you must train your brain in being responsible with your gift so that you can be a blessing to others.
The next step in the growth of your gifts is the knowing of intellectual information. The detective work is similar as are the questions. Such as are these my logical thoughts are someone else?
Added on 05 April 2015: 
This is the empathic protection system (EPS). 
Warning! Warning! Warning!
Whose thoughts and emotions are in your head?  1). Are those thoughts and emotions in their from an expressed need by a sender? 2). Are they in their by accident? 3). Are all of those seemingly random thoughts and emotions being created by an undisciplined and untrained mind? 4). or are they in their, to influence your will by some design which greedily benefits someone else? 
 1). When you make connections or connections have been genetically or spiritually made on your behalf. You are tied to those persons until those connections are severed in some way. But, you do not need to be connected to send and receive messages in some fashion. The first message you will typically receive are those from those persons who are in need. Sometimes they will just think you were there with them. Thus, those logical and emotional messages are instantly sent. Faster than the speed of light. Which means Einstein is in error to a degree as his formula is not complete. The signal does not lose strength or intensity over distance and space. Typically the emotional signal can be much stronger than the logical portion of the message. This is because the logical portion is often time internalized where as the emotional portion of the signal is externalized. This is the same thing as when a person is sad and in tears and you do not know why. The person is expressing the emotion and internalizing the logical aspect of the problems. Sometimes this is why a phone call/text/IM or some other instant messaging is necessary. 
There are natural security barriers to this which of course protects you and your sanity. For instance if an untrained and undisciplined empath gets involved with social work. This can cause that empath to lose them self. You know that caring person who loves everyone and who just wants to help all creatures great and small. You have to discipline your mind. The best method to train your brain is through 2 avenues. #1 Effective meditation and #2 the avoidance of any mind altering substance. Both are crucial and yes I also include cigarettes and mind altering medications. For others certain sugars and caffeine's. 
2). Some people send emotional and logical messages by accident. So do you and so do I. We all are at fault in this regard. It's kind of like leaving your house with the lights, T.V., Radio  or computer on. Except with humans we are on all of the time and transmitting are on personal signals. Look for my writings with the comparison with radio theory. Found it. 
So within our own minds we do need to learn how to find our own on/off switch within our own mind and then learn how to use it. This can be done with directed meditation and over time. You can turn off or De-tune yourself from random incoming thoughts and emotions. Ask yourself this question. Is an empath bipolar or is a bi-polar an empathic? Just think about that one. What about the use of mind altering medications? Are those mind altering medications helping the bipolar person while harming the empath? These are very tough questions. Especially when the empath has been medicated for so long and their own brains have chemically altered themselves and become addicted. 
3). The untrained and undisciplined mind. I have already covered it and will restate it. Meditation is the best method for brain discipline. With all of the flavors and practices. With focusing on a singular thought or on no thought or opening yourself up to the Divine source. All three will be good or just one for now and then maybe another for later. How ever you think through your meditation plan. It all boils down to time. The smartest and most wise of humanity do 4+hours of meditation per day. No vacations. No days off. That's just the way it is. Am I that 4+  hour a day person. NO. Have I done it? Yes. Was it profound? Absolutely so. The quote writing that I do and the quality of my writing is based on the quality and time spent in prayer and meditation. So, when you see a dry spell. There you go. Did I sneak in the "Prayer" word. Yep. I did. Because Prayer is you talking to the Creator and meditation is you essentially listening. Which is more important? 
4). The most troubling part of being an empath. As an empath it seems that your spiritual receiver and transmitter is always on. Which means those things in which you may know nothing about can hear you think as well as speak to you. Most of the time this is not a good thing. Because, many of those spiritual beings will imitate exactly how you think to yourself and speak to you exactly how you think to yourself. So being a newly realized empath or even an empath with experience under your belt. How do you stop them? You have to define them. Spirits, Angels, Ghosts and a variety of other beings. Maybe, even some of those human beings who have achieved secret skills.  How do you defend/protect yourself  from outside influences? Again, This is through a form of silent the mind meditation. In which any outside or any uncontrolled thought is silenced absolutely. In the beginning of this practice. It may seem like a fight for your own mind. That's because it is. You may have been some other entities human remote controlled person. Now that your aware of their influence over you. They are getting frustrated. They just lost their human toy. This is an obvious childish explanation. Never the less it does seem to be so. Over time some of these entities will just leave you and find another human R/C toy to have their fun. It can be that simple while others are much more dark and evil in their control over your body. To influence you, to re-train your brain, so that you automatically become a self controlled human robot doing the masters will. All of it psychologically conditioned to do. This isn't so fun anymore.  Well, you can use your own imagination. Essentially, Your mind controls the body. The mind can also disconnect from the spirit world. Which is easily seen in the modern world today. The outside influence will want to alter your psychology to become more apathetic. The less you care the greater the outside control. Are you still following me. Do you often think? I don't care in more and more situations than you did a year ago, a decade ago or even several decades ago? Are you inhaling Chemically added tobacco products which are designed to cause you not to care as much. Which is essential in calming people down who tend to care to much. Wow. look above and re-read. Empaths tend to care to much as defined by worldly and anti-spiritual people. Those empaths who are said to care to much are actually those advanced persons that all of us lower humans are supposed to attain to become as well. 

This is a Christ gift. Jesus declared to his disciples. That all of the miracles he has done. They can do as well and more. To feel another persons feelings and then being able to uplift their spirit and to help their mind to become comforted.
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