Saturday, March 2, 2013

Prayer basics: (Unedited): 02 March 2013:

Absolute basics of prayer. I'm using the word prayer as an all encompassing word. Because, it is an all encompassing process to however you define the God/Divine.
1): Prayer is essentially you speaking. Just like when you verbally speak to any other human person. The understanding of prayer is that simple. The respect and honor when speaking to any authority is very similar.
2): Meditation is essentially you listening. Just like you do when you are intentionally paying attention to any other person who you are supposed to be listening to. The respect and honor when listening to any authority is very similar.
3): Contemplation is that quiet time spent trying to understand what the authority has spoken to you. Again when any person or being in authority has given you words. Your focused intention and attention to those words is respectful and honorable.
4): Taking Action is that very real action you take in your whole life in respectful honor of God/Divine. This is done in your private and professional life. This is done from within your physical actions, mental thoughts and spiritual existence. 

So, basically we all already know how to pray and meditate. You just have to begin to apply the time in a quality environment. The quality environment is often times defined by God/Divine. You must remember we are not the authority persons. We are the children of God/divine and currently have not earned the right to speak with authority unless back up by God/Divine in some action pushed upon you by God/Divine.

Yes, there are levels in prayer and meditation. This post is only about the absolute fundamentals/basics. C.J.MacKechnie