Sunday, April 7, 2013

Use Gifts: (Unedited): 07 April 2013:

The how and why in regards to using your spiritual gifts is not as important as your faith and belief in just using them. C.J.MacKechnie
Those intellectuals usually want to know how and why any person can use the gifts of the spirit. This is direct evidence in their lack of faith and belief. This is OK for them to ask why and how. With your compassionate heart full of love for them. You can respond in kindness. Assure them it is OK and that everything will be OK.
Being able to merge the intention and attention of your spirit, minds, heart and body into doing the miraculous. Will always seem impossible to those who are lacking in faith and belief.  Even those who appear to be the spiritual leaders may themselves be lacking in faith and belief. Their lack of miracles is not evidence of some kind of purposeful  fraud or innocent misrepresentation. They are who they are and there is a reason and purpose to their position of leadership. All to be discerned by you in a very caring and compassionate way. A person can still be a spiritual leader and not do works of the spirit. A spiritual teacher teaches information and may never express a miracle. This is OK and it should be OK for you to accept.  So as long it honors the formula. (LIFE=PEACE+LOVE+HARMONY). This is an absolute formula with unknown individual elements inside of each word. This grouping cannot be mixed with any other element which is deemed contrary. The inverse formula is (Death=War+Hate+Chaos). A person who desires to use this information for the purposes of their own greed, selfishness, will only bring about cruelty, suffering, anguish, depression and misery to others. Which is all elements of the inverse formula.
For instance. A spiritual leader who having never been involved with any thing unexplainable. May create a test for those who appear to be atypical. Such as a hidden green bag placed under some blankets. The unsuspecting test subjects may go and begin to search for the hidden green bag. Which was really hidden. Thus, The subjects may pick up on the deception. Because, that it what it is. But, this kind of deception is not a bad thing. It is similar to any other kind of teacher who puts forth any test to their students. The good teacher knows the answers but is unwilling to reveal them a head of the test. The good teacher hides the answers from their students and is a deception. Not a bad deception.
The spiritual leader who is confronted with test subjects who pass his test. May become frightened. It is important to ease the spiritual leaders mind and heart and to re-assure that it is OK and they are OK. Unless, of course they just want to quickly depart from you. Then kindly and compassionately comfort them from a distance. Once they digest and contemplate. Then they will know. That it was all OK and maybe a little cool.
NOTES: The word Minds is accurate as we can have many thoughts and many emotions occurring at one time.  The minds must be united and in absolute agreement.