Sunday, April 7, 2013

Destiny Walkers: (Unedited): 07 April 2013:

A destiny manifests in your life without your permission or certain expectancy. May cause those unbelieving loved ones to walk away from you. C.J.MacKechnie

You have spent your life  or have only just begun your life in search for that specific purpose and meaning to life. Only to find out that the narrow mindedness of your own being cannot even fathom the true and real nature of your destiny to come or even the choices which will be thrust upon you.
You could spend a dozen or more years of life living the mundane, meaningless and purposeless existence. Only to be placed in some position where an extreme phenomenon must happen to evolve attitudes, minds, spirits and lives. This extreme new mission will cause those whom you love to become jealous over the sudden importance of your new found purpose. These unbelievers whom you may love with all of your heart may cause you strife in your life. So much so that you may have to choose your unbelieving loved ones or your mission. This is a truth. These missions which suddenly manifest may be from God. It matters not if you believe in God or not. The importance of this sudden mission may even change the bleak probable outlook for your city, state, nation or even world.
Could you or would you give-up the love of your life or your family, If it meant that you could cause possible effective change for the whole world in the future? Could you do so without self serving pride or ego?
Could you or would you be satisfied if the mission was only temporary? Would you be saddened if you had to do a certain thing. Which would harm a feeling, while at the same time ensuring authority?
Could you become a destiny walker? One who walks into someone else life to boost, assure, aid, assist and maybe even protect if necessary. Then be able to walk away when their footing is strong and certain. When their bravery and courage is just more then budding. Can you just quietly walk away just like a father who teaches a child to ride a bike to let go and follow beside no more? Now it is up to them.
If the father always holds on and runs beside their child. The child never becomes certain or brave. The same is with a butterfly. If you free the butterfly. The butterfly will never fly.

Become a wise destiny walker. Know when to leave. Constant and continuous prayer and meditation often reveals a certain timing. A wise destiny walker is a positive prophet of good change in action.