Sunday, June 16, 2013

Phantom Concepts: (Unedited): 15 June 2013:

From your most recent memory. Ocular phantoms may fill in those inconceivable concepts encountered. C.J.MacKechnie
 What this means is if and when you visually within your own mind or minds eye. perceive a "thing" in which you cannot fathom. Your most recent visual memory will be used to fill in the unknown. From the absence of information within your own understanding and knowledge base does come a made up image.
So if you perceive a pillar or an obelisk of an extreme unknown nature. It is energetic to an unknown and in conceived energy source. You may see absolute blackness, which is just an absence of information. You cannot even logically conclude whether or not it is  evil, good or neutral.
Your mind is not tricking or deceiving you when it pulls a random shape from your most recent visual memory. Your mind is just trying to fill in the blanks in your awareness. Those blanks are just blanks. They are not good or evil just an absence of information.

A brief explanation.
What is the absence of information that you are not aware of right now. Think about your natural senses for a moment. Is the night sky dark? No it is not. The darkness you see is just the evidence of the limitations of your human eyesight. Now, think about all of the animals who have more enhanced senses than a human does. Dogs and elephants can hear better than you. Which means the sounds you do not hear is the absence of information. The sharks nose and the alligators vibration sensor is more absence of information. The sonar used by bats and dolphins is more information which is absent from you. AND ETC. This is important to understand very important. This is a logical part of discovering the truth of any "thing".
This is about visual hallucinations. From a non illness related psychological stand point.
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