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Exodus America: (Unedited): 14 June 2013:

From those states which have the most financial distress. The devout Christians and their businesses will depart first. C.J.MacKechnie
The very first exodus within the USA will be from the Christians. Who will search out those states in which to reside in and to do business with other fellow believers. These devout Christians will just move out with minimal explanation to friends or relatives. "They are just looking for better opportunities" will be their reasoning. When the truth of the matter is GOD is moving them. This event should be happening now and until the first/next upcoming financial collapse?
There will be many different exoduses. The mass of people movements out of California into Nevada, Arizona and into Mexico. The mass of people moving out of the entire North east USA and into those regions which are self defined by each individual as safer.
The exodus of people moving out of Florida and into Alabama and Georgia. I think the sinking of Florida is more than just symbolic. I have seen a tsunami hit Clearwater beach from the view of a helicopter flying in between Clearwater beach and downtown Clearwater, in close proximity to the causeway. That is not the sinking event. Just a news helicopter in a very good position to video the entire incoming wave. Some time after that, Florida sinks very slowly. 
California will be the first state to absolutely collapse. The question is how long will it take for the financial collapse occur when the Chinese complete and open the Panama Canal (2015-2016). California has always been the first state to spread evil and they will be the first state to fall - hard.  
Those who know more than I do on the finances can predict to time better than me.
The top 12 states in the most debt will fall. There may be one surprise. If that state changes right now. I think the state is Texas. But, Maybe not. Texas has to make those legal creations and changes on the state, federal and international levels. Texas cannot forget the International level of their plans. Texas must plan for the demise of the USA and be able to immediately restore the Republic of Texas. They must become the safe haven for the defunct military of the USA. Which ever military asset which makes it into the Texas airspace and waters becomes Texas property.
Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wyoming may be those other safe havens. If those individual populations plan now and prepare now.
States like Minnesota, South Dakota, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and Alabama. Must begin planning for these mass exoduses. The fans of chaotic flames will be conducted by the Chinese, Islamic Muslims and other enemies. Within their own states.
Once California falls, The other states will fall. Their populations will create a disaster of migration. All sorts of evil will manifest. This will be the will of GOD ALMIGHTY. The compassionate and loving devout Christian will become greatly saddened to witness. The devout Christian must by their own choice pray, meditate and heed the urging's. If not then you will become like those who watched the flood waters rise.
Like locusts moving across the land and devouring all before them. So, to will this mass of humans devour all while they escape New York, New jersey, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Washington and other states. Many different waves of locusts all moving in their own season.
Added on 08 Nov 2015:
The truly devout Christians shall of their own free will depart from those places which have embraced darkness. These signs of darkness are where sin has been allowed to stand in the full view of the day. These signs are where sin has become a lawful right. These signs are where those things of God has been rejected and outlawed.
Make your plans and depart those places. If you know you should go then go. If you know you should go and do not. Then you shall suffer along with the rest of the evil ones. Though your soul still may be saved. This shall be your judgement by God. If it is to be a judgement.
All prophecies can be planned for and or averted. Those prophecies which cannot be averted can be managed and mitigated. 
Any state which I have omitted is just omitted by me for no reason. Do not conclude anything from my omission. Make your own prophecy and either plan for it and or plan to prevent it. Both sets of plans are necessary. 
To love one another. 
To live in peace.
 To exist in harmony.  
To cherish life. 
To obey/honor the Laws of God.
To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be. 
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