Sunday, June 16, 2013

Separate Divinity: (Unedited): 14 June 2013:

Anger, Hatred and rage is what keeps you separated and isolated from the Divine. C.J.MacKechnie
So you have been praying and meditating and you got nothing from it. You have been talking to God, Allah or however you name the divine and HE does not talk to you. So you logically conclude that GOD or however you name the divine does not exist. Your pride and ego has falsely caused you to use your inferior logic to wrongly consider an illogical conclusion.
Maybe, you think that God or however you name the divine only speaks to the religious leaders who dress themselves as fancy birds do and perch themselves on a high point to chirp away.
This is another wrong and incorrect way of thinking. What makes those who stand or sit on a high perch more important than you. Standing taller and up high is the thinking of the animal kingdom and not of the spiritual realms.
You already know how to speak respectfully to another person whom you honor. Speak to your God of your understanding the way you would to a respected parent or elder.
Reach out and beyond the scripted words as ordered by those religious birds. God or however you name the divine. Does not want to hear the words from a broken record which only repeats itself.
God or however you name the divine wants to hear your words directly and not the words of a trained parrot.
Speak to the Divine in secret and in your privacy. Tell no one and reveal nothing of your private conversations with the Divine. Spread the word on how you can speak to God directly.

Rethink, your life long belief in those hatred's and racism's. know that they are all based in lies and deceptions. All created to keep you separated and isolated from your human brothers and sisters on this planet and else where. The lies and deceptions of life long taught hatred's and racism's was created by groups of people who only want to accumulate more power, authority, wealth and lands.
Their actions never had anything to do with the Divine or even you. It only had to do with gold watches, super cars, big luxury boats, fast airplanes and castles.
Those who are in power must convince you to kill the enemy and die by the hands of the enemy in which they define for you. This is the only way for those who are in power to accumulate more stuff.
A slave always believes and does what they are told without question.
A slave who believes they are free or more special than the lower birds are just deceived. They are just the same owned birds confined within the same cage owned by the ruler.
By freeing yourself, freeing your mind and freeing your spirit. You begin to open yourself up to the Divine. 
By releasing your angers, hatreds, rages. Do you begin to have that openness to the Divine for two way communications. 
By discovering the truths and deceptions around your life. Do you begin to free yourself. Question everything with honor and respect to the Divine.
Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: