Thursday, July 25, 2013

Great Fall: (Unedited): 25 July 2013:

The greatness of your people is evidenced by your educations, inventions, achievements, Architectures, Arts, and innovations. 
The great people who have fallen will lack the evidence of greatness.
The great people who have become extinct may be found in historical archeology.
A great people may never realize they have fallen. Even when the realization of their societal extinction is upon them. They will just ask why? why? why? But, then it is too late.
This fall of society begins when absolute freedom becomes unrestrained in a people who are no longer responsible for their actions. The fall of society begins when every culture within no longer accepts any other violently. The fall of a great society begins when justice for all becomes absent of truth.
The importance of invention and innovation becomes an undesired and unworthy ????????
The arts are no longer awe inspiring instead have become political, offensive and immoral to any sane people.
The greatness of your architecture becomes antiquated.
The great cities of affluence become unkempt and poverty stricken.
The few of the former great people still have their great pride and demand answers from their stupid political electors to restore their former greatness. But, the majority demand more rights, more social justice and unrepentant freedoms.
The cries of the few go unheard.
The cries of the few goes unheard when greatness is officially cancelled.
The cries of the wise are accursed when they proclaim the wrong s in immoral art and social immorality.
The cries of the rejected wise and righteous become the publicly claimed evil in society.

Where is the greatest of invention and innovation within your world? Is it on another shore of a different land?
Where is the greatest advancement of achievements and architecture? Is t to on another new shore of new lands?
Where can the best education and arts be found? Is it within your own people or are those things of no importance? Look at the physical evidence.
When the great people who have done great things, become old and die off with no one to replace them. What happens to your great people? What happens to a great people when the news becomes social entertainment?
What happens to a great people when achievement and personal evolution becomes less than desirable? When achievement is for you to only witness through an entertaining environment.
When education only becomes important by mouth but in action no one really cares about it.  The youth will decide if entertainment is more important than education. The leadership and expectancy of both opposite gender parents have a valid say in their lives. If any of this is negated. Then the lack of education will breed a society which will become enslaved. An enslaved society is a dying Country.

Your great people have fallen and if you have no will to get back up. No one will help you.
If you just lay down and die. Do not feel bad at the irreverence from the other societies which will take all that they can from your dead and rotting corpse. Because, you won't need them anymore. They will take everything from you. Even your homes, cities and Country. You will become no more. Your people will become less than a paragraph in historical texts.
This is prophecy. Not only for societies of today but for societies yet to come.
Prophecy is only probable, when a simple revelation can alter everything. Which must be followed with good and righteous works of prevention.
This is not like those Theological Doomsday Preachers who preach in order to cause fear amongst their congregation in order to bring in more people and more money. These events which will be coming do not care about churches or money. The only thing which will prevent any and all of the bad and sad prophecies is the change within your own heart and mind. It doesn't matter what religion you practice. It only matters the over all condition of your Being/soul.
 May be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: