Friday, July 26, 2013

Hopeless Gait: (Unedited): 26 July 2013:

The slow gait of the hopeless is without purpose or importance. C.J.MacKechnie
The hopeless and helpless people all seem to have similar walking gait. Even those who are apathetic in what they do have similar walking gaits. What does this mean. Well, find your crowded area and observe people walking. Almost immediately you will see a variety of people walking. Depending where you are and what time of day. You will witness various kinds of walking people.
LEAVING WORK:         Yea, people who actually want to go home will have that quick gait out to their car.

SPORTING EVENTS:    The walking gait to their seats to watch their team win. The walking gait leaving the sports
                                          When their team loses.

PUBLIC SCHOOL:         The walking gait of those who just do not care about school or even life.

ON THE JOB:                  The slow walk and slow physical movements of people who do not care anything about
                                           the job they are doing. They are only physically present and will do nothing on their
                                           own. They are existing in a slave mentality without even being aware of it. Their
                                           attitude is apathetic. That apathetic attitude will absolutely cause *you to lose
                                           business/income. (*you means business owner or corporate manager).

AT HOME:                   The depressed state of a person who has no hope in life and is helpless in all that they do.
                                       All of this can be witnessed by the observation of their physical walking gait. You can
                                       see this is very low income neighborhoods in the USA.

SHOPPING MALLS:        The gait of women who want to go shopping is different than the mens who they are
                                           literally dragging around. The young men walking behind the young women. Those
                                            who are returning items for exchange or refund. The men who need that specific
                                            tool from Sears. The excited gait of people making that big purchase.

LATE PAYMENT UTILITY BILL:  That purposeful going out of your way gait. To pay the bill and get it over

LAW ENFORCEMENT GAIT:       The walk of authority and purpose.  Almost a military march. Unless of
                                                            course he/she was former military.

When observing people you must consider physical disabilities and the potential oddness in their walking gait. It is also important to note a disabled persons courage and bravery as they go forth out in public and face the cruelty of normal people, just like you and me. Just remember you are just an accident or war zone away from a disability. 


 May be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: