Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Logical Trust: (Unedited): 16 July 2013:

Learning to develop and trust your own logic is critical to your overall thinking processes. 
Any teacher or professor who hands you a thinking device such as a calculator or a computer. Does more harm to you than what you may be aware of. Those two devices and others like them are the modern day equivalent to restraining and bondage devices of enslaved/imprisoned human history. The only exception is the lack of pain and suffering.
A young person must to learn to trust their own developing logical process. If the young person is given aids to enhance the speed of obtaining answers. Then all the students learn is how to systematically use a machine to obtain the exact answer. The young student does not learn how to develop their logical thinking process and thus they do not learn to trust it.
Critical thinking skills is necessary in the modern ages. If you do not develop a trust in your ability to logically think for yourself. Then you can become enslaved by any persons or by any *group* who merely appears to be logical and have the correct answers. Those who have the correct answers may not be in the right.

The difference between the correct answer and the right answer may have a wide divide between the two. A professor/teacher may pose questions in which he/she will expect a correct answer which is defined by them or by those who are in authority over them. Those answers they expect are the correct answers. Even though  they are the wrong answers in life. It doesn't matter if you know the answers are very wrong. Over time just living a life where you are continually encompassed by lies and deceptions. You become conditioned to believe in those lies and deceptions are the truth.
Why not use a calculator? What is the harm? The quick and easy answer is no harm or the youthful excitement from a young person who now doesn't have to use their brain to do any math work.
 Play time comes sooner, doesn't it?
Which did you prefer?
Math by pencil and paper or by calculator?
Remember when you were told it was OK to use a calculator? You probably thought I can cheat now or you just celebrated.
What about now when every young child can use a calculator? They never went through the thinking process of  is this right or is this cheating?

The worst and most damaging of those math teachers and professors are those who proclaim to their students that they will never use algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry and the more advanced versions of those. Those teachers and professors who say these things to their students are of the most evil because it is like the slave owner who says that education only makes the slaves unhappy. Which is a true statement. Becoming educated in Mathematics in it's entirety will make you the slave  an unhappy slave or cause you the free person to remain a free person.

The word group includes all cultures, social classes, laws, policy's, politics and religions.
In all of humanity. The teaching of mathematics in it's entirety must be changed. The psychological conditioning of students to hate math needs to be criminalized by the parents. This will bring about social change. The kind of social change which will reveal who is evil or righteous in the world. When that happens it will surprise you and possibly anger you. The revelation of truth on a human world where lies and deceptions have been king for thousands of years. Can be destructive. Teaching children to logically think for themselves. They may become the logical calm force who changes those things in the time when they are made aware of them. When they become the ones who run the world as a new logical collective force. 
 Those who rule the world as the slave masters, Fear an educated population more than anything. Because, once there lies and deceptions are revealed. Their rule will end. Because, it isn't about whether or not a slave is happy. It is about profiting from and using that slave, without the slaves questions. Then if the slave does become properly educated. Then they become Nat Turner.

In order for humanity to mentally evolve to the next level of logical thinking. A certain percentage of all humanity must begin to entertain the thoughts of multidimensional  Mathematics. In other words Universal Mathematics cannot be accurately done on a two dimensional surface. This is necessary to leave the solar system.

Multidimensional math is where multiple former unrelated formulas of different disciplines have a mutual relationship and can have a direct affect on the other. This is directly related to specific positions in space at a given time. Where as that position in space only lasts for a very short period of time. The formulas appear to fade in and out. The end result seems to be what is moving through all space. This is my flawed observations. But, very exciting to imagine. I did fail general math. My use of the term Multidimensional math may also be inaccurate. It is the best i can explain.

To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish life. 
To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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