Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pleasant Space: (Unedited): 09 July 2013:

A pleasant work space is made up of pleasant people who desire to be more than just present. 
The people who make up a pleasant work place are those who seem to want to be there and actually show up early to make unnecessary preparations, which creates a welcoming environment. Who want to always to the best job they can and enjoy doing so. Who are polite in the course of their day and want to be. Who always answers the call for assistance when there is a problem and is satisfied when the thing is all good to go.
This is a pleasant work place. 
The ugly work place and space is where management always has to watch those dark hiding places where people like to get away. The management has to offer training on how to be nice under the guise of customer service. The break room becomes a disaster area. The employee conversation seems to joke about customer stupidity and meanness. The outside smoking area with butt containers. Still needs to be cleaned up. The employees do not seem to care about other employees and refuse to go out and help others when there is a need.  The back stabbing. The importance of social communication when work duties are needed to be completed. Not focused on the job is evidence that the job is of no importance.
If you have to train people to care. Then you are hiring people who do not care and will not care. Because, most people know how to spot a phony smile.
The mean customer is a reflection of your employees apathy.
An employee who is only there for the paycheck. is not concerned about the company, the customer or you.
An employee who only does the absolute minimum to keep their job. Is not concerned with your bottom line, Profit/Loss ratios or even thefts.
Just listen to your employees when they are unaware of your presence. From their words you will know the effectiveness of your management team and Human Resources Department.
 May be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: