Monday, August 25, 2014

Free Memories: (Unedited): 25 Aug 2014:

The excitement of knowing the retail value of your families heirlooms is exactly what your willing to sell those memories for. Even if you just give them all away. 
We have been watching antiques roadshow.  It is interesting how to watch people get really excited about the values of their own families heirlooms and the notion that a limited financial wealth an come from such things. I guess for me I see this as incredibly really insulting. To sell the memories of your own family for temporary wealth. Those ancient things give real tangible/physical meaning to your own families history especially when teaching the importance of what the ancestors had done in their own lives, long, long ago. Even if some of those memories are bad, sad and ugly. They still should be remembered in order to teach those important lessons to the new generations of your family. 
The wonderful successes in your family which have garnered substantial worldly wealth. Are more valuable remaining in the families possession and the stories of enduring hardships in order to achieve them. Is crucial for the young generation to know that achievement is more than possible. So as long as you continue to endure without cessation. After all it was achieved by your family members before you. So, you can to. Except now you can learn from the stories of their successes and failures. In order for you to more easily to achieve your own dreams as you define them.
Without any tangible memories within a families history. The young ones have no guide lines no ancient wisdom to work their own lives. Wisdom taught is often more essential than only knowledge learned. Wisdom brings with it an understanding gleaned. Thus, you have a compete circle for successes potential. That potential is tied directly to the intentions of your resolve and the desires of your heart. 
What does it mean "Even if you just give them away"? It seems like a lot of episodes of Antiques Roadshow. There is always that person who bought this or that from Goodwill or some other non profit thrift store. Some family gave away their family secrets either by willful choice after their family member had passed on. Or they knew not the stories behind those objects of importance. Which makes me sad.
Why? I'm one of those people who was born to a family and then was adopted. Growing up belonging to neither and not sharing or creating any useful memories for long term positive growth in adulthood. Memories are very important to young ones. Even if that distant uncle was captain of some unknown Naval ship. Yea, I saw that US Navy Award box with the absent guns in the display. Apparently the guns were of more importance than the official US Navy awards to those surviving family members. Those memories of achievement will probably never be known or taught to the next generation of that family. Important memories and achievements lost forever to that family. That box sat in a Goodwill Stores office for months. They were trying to figure out how to honorably and respectfully handle it properly.
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