Thursday, August 21, 2014

Exclusive Persecution: (Unedited): 21 Aug 2014:

Christians and other Christian related businesses will become privately exclusive. 
This is prophetic. Just as the United States local, county and state police forces becomes more and more militarized as well as the attitudes of those officers becoming more and more aggressively authoritarian in their actions. The American citizenry will begin to isolate themselves from the rest of a very threatening society.
The overtly evil doers and outright sinner who seeks their right to offend everyone else. They are at this moment and have been for some time. Searching for those very public Christian related business and attempting to do business with them.  All in their efforts to obtain any form of denial in order to publicly humiliate the Christian business and to sue them into societal conformity. This is currently an on going process.
Can a Christian do business with an overt evil doer and sinner? This is a very important question. Isn't a Christian supposed to offer the path to salvation and then expect a response. If the response to the road of salvation is denied. Then the Christian is supposed to go about their own life and business while excluding those active sinners. Even if those evil doers are their own children and other family members.
The effects of this. Assuming there are actually enough devout Christians. If the numbers of the Righteous Remnant are large enough. Which seems incorrect especially the word remnant is used.
A form of  "Angie's list" shall be created exclusively for the Christian related businesses and families. They all will begin to come together and form their own communities and restricted business agreements. No person outside of their group will be permitted to do business with them.
They will also form exclusive retail and business clubs in which they only sell to established members. No one who is on the outside will be permitted entry.
This is and will be crucial for the Mormons, Baptists and other Christian sects as they witness the fall of Catholicism and other Christian based religious groups.
Survival is paramount to the Christian. The only way to survive in this age of absolute hatred for the Jew and Christian is for each of them to form up into their own private and exclusive societies. While refusing to participate within any public sector.
It is the Christian monies which is driving the evil doers. The essence of Christian survival is to stop doing business with anyone who offends their religious practice.  The Christians must stop supporting anyone in political offices who are not affiliated with their religious group. When the Christian numbers become greater. Laws must be changed in accordance to Biblical standards.
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