Thursday, November 27, 2014

Important You: (Unedited): 27 Nov 2014:

Happy Thanksgiving Brother.
No matter how great the distance.
No matter how little time we have had.
No matter what has happened or what should have happened.
I can look beyond all of that former junk and see the importance in you.
We are still brothers and family.
I wrote this for my brother as I was viewing a personal picture of his. This is an inspired write for him. As well as for my sister, Niece and those other family members who know not of me. 
I have some cool relatives in some states who do some cool things in their lives. Yes, I am being vague as they deserve their privacy.  I wish I can say more and brag a little. But, cannot and should not. 
My brother and I have not had a fair opportunity to share each others lives. In which we have missed so much from each other. I can also say this about my other brother and my other sister. As well as the rest of my biological family whom I know and do not know of. We have missed out and are now strangers to each other. There is no blame just the ways things have come to happen. which have been beyond our own decisions or even fore knowledge. Yes, I was a secret. Although personally I did not accept but do see why the decision was made in order to hide a potentially embarrassing problem in the 1960's. That is just how things were done back then. I am sorry that I was a secret kept from any of you and hope you can find it in your own hearts to forgive those who created this secret.

Family is important and I am thankful for the family I do have. That is what Thanksgiving is all about and not just a "Turkey Day". To be thankful and to acknowledge gratitude. Which should be done more than one day a year. Even despite the errors of your actions or of others. Which includes those unfortunate things which were and are beyond your control. This is where forgiveness comes into play.
Life is precious and is way to short for us mortal human beings. Life is even made shorter by sicknesses, diseases, conflicts and accidents. We should all celebrate what we are allowed to have with our loved ones. Never hold onto your anger, unforgivable heart and/or other negative emotions in regards to your family. In the end all of your negative feelings do, is harm you and steals joy from your life. 

I have always had trouble with time. For me time is not constant. Time is never consistent with it's linear flow. I can almost see how time moves even though it doesn't move. It is the fluctuating frequency which moves as a linear wave. Time has no emotion and thus is never forgiving and also never plotting against you. So it is up to each one of us as to live how we are aware of what little time we do have. Once we each decide that every day is important. Then so to is every hour, every minute and every second of each of our living existence in this reality. 

I hope each of you can forgive me of my actions or from my words of the past. Especially, If they have harmed you in any way. I am truly sorry. John
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"Thanksgiving" can be exchanged with any other holiday. 
"Brother" Can be changed with any other relative.
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