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Black Horse in a dark storm video: (Unedited): 28 Nov 2014:

The falling away has already begun for Christians/Catholics and has been going on for at least two plus decades. The falling away shall become magnified with the passing of Mr. Graham. I think Mr. Graham is a key to the next part of prophecy for all religions. Yes, He is that important.  Especially, since there is no one who will effective replace him. Mr. Graham may be the last great preacher of this era. I hope not.
Even if this is not a real photo. It may still be a sign as a black horse does represent deception, Short term pleasures and much discontent. But prosperity within the world. Which has been evident to the Saudi royal family. Who have kept all of the wealth for themselves. This is a revelation.
From the still image. I was not able to discern if the black horse has wings or not. These are important and significant in interpretations. Also, was there a rider or no rider? this is also important. 

I just saw the very poor video. To much pixelation and there seemed to be easy to see pixelation around the horse. Which does indicate a false video. Whether it is or not. Requires someone with skill and digital tools.
What I saw was a black or dark horse with no wings and no rider. Flying in a storm above roof tops.
Any interpretation of this video needs to be done with any understanding of Islamic Beliefs and of Saudi Culture. 

Flying with no wings may indicate a change in status. This change is probably not a good one. May mean unfaithful probably to their Allah. Which is or was the God of peace. So this could mean as the horse was departing. That the Peace of Allah is leaving. Which means all encompassing war and conflict will enter that empty space. No one no peace or know Allah. Except those who truly die while living righteously and in true peace from within and outwardly. Which does make a person helpless to the violent.
I saw rooftops as the black horse was departing within the storm. This may mean that since those who call Allah- Just Allah. The actual name of Allah can easily be replaced with any other gods/allahs like isis or horace. (Note: Lower caps used to signify less than the true Allah). The replacement gods becomes the mistress.
The black horse does fly into the storm and does not return. May mean a Turbulent Death. Physical death? divine death? Holy death? spiritual death?  or all of the above. Only God/Allah knows.
What does this mean for Saudi Arabia? As a Country of leadership? Not a very good one. For the people of Saudi Arabia? Not a very good one.

To avert this false message of deception:
The original teachings of Mohammad needs to be more understood and lived. Peaceful living means peace of mind, peace of heart and peace of spirit. Any conflict or urgings of wars or of revenge is not of Allah/God. Can this video be in itself a revealed teaching of deception of a falsehood? A lie upon a lie. Who teaches lies as truths? Who has the worldly authority of teachings lies as truths?
The answers are for those greater than me.
The storm is already upon you.
The power is in the people who refuse all conflict, all war and all revenge in their chosen helplessness. Only then shall their death be righteous. While those who choose war and conflict and act upon it. They shall burn. Burn more than once.  Revenge belongs to Only Allah/God.

The original and most basic of the teachings of Jesus Christs needs to be lived by free choice.
To love one another continuously and without ceasing. To love one another means you are not in war or in conflict. Ever. No matter what any leadership says, states, suggests or demands.

Origin of this blog. Paul Begley
Origin of video:

Added on 04 Dec 2014:
Do some research of life size black horse balloons.

Do a split screen and make a comparison between the easy to find black mare balloon and the flying black stallion in the lightening storm. What do you think? Notice the posture and tail?

Listen to the audio and hear the people laughing. 
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