Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Church Fires Vision: (Unedited): 16 March 2015:

Work in progress. Much prayer and meditation needed. May delete some or all. Not sure yet. 

The righteous. The righteous. The righteous.
The righteous have already departed from all of the worldly churches in your land.
In that time in which no religious person shall miss any of the weirdly righteous. Nor shall the professionally religious miss the absence of any miracles. Nor shall the professionally religious desire any miracles. The professionally religious shall call for miracles to come across the lands and it shall. For their god(s) is the god(s) of death and destruction.The professionally religious will pray for revival all across the land. For their god(s) shall heed their prayers and shouting voices. Like shadowy locusts from the depths of hell they shall come forth like a great cloud. Mimicking the powers of the Divine Wind of the Holy Spirit.  
 Little "g" for god or gods which is the fallen ones.
The expansion and the oaths given from one evil entity to another evil entity. Is the growth of influence into what shall become a world wide evil in action.The evil you hear and watch happening in real time. Is prophecy occurring. Just as the relics of ancient history is being destroyed. So to will be your history. Places of worship being burned and destroyed in far away lands. Shall come to you. The rapes and murders of your holy men and women which happen in far away lands shall also come to you.

In the time when great protections for the evil doers who create much mischief upon the Earth. Shall also inflict much sorrow within the once protected lands of the Supreme God. None can stop them. They shall go forth and destroy all that which is innocent and unprotected. Your places of worship shall be put to the fire and destroyed. Your church services interrupted with bombs, bullets and blood.
The police and fire departments will be elsewhere. You shall be all alone blaming a God who you do not worship. For the righteous shall not be present in your coming woes of judgement.
The absence of genuine miracles is the absence of the Holy Spirit and of God.
The absence of the Holy Spirit and of GOd
The modern day Professional Worldly Pastors, Preachers, Theologians are the Prostitutes in prophecy.
Miracles are those things which happen which are not under the control of men who only want control, power, authority and wealth. The illusions of magic can be profited from by those worldly pastors who desire much wealth. Fake and phony miraculous healing's are easy to produce. Just like buying a prostitute. "You don't pay em for SEX. You pay em to LEAVE!!!" This is a quote from the wealthy and famous. With those actors who are paid to put on a show in the worldly churches. The pastor, preacher or theologian pays the actor to leave and to go far away. Where no one knows who they are.
There are more. 
This is Prophecy.
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