Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Merged Spirit: (Unedited): 17 March 2015:

Those who have merged into their being the spirit of Love, Peace, Harmony and Life. Shall not engage in Hate, Conflict, Chaos or Death.
The truth of being is seen in action and in inaction. The gentle spirit is calm. The loving spirit is in a state of joy. The harmonious spirit is in a state of righteous existence. The spirit of life is a true reflection of the Holy Spirit which breathed life within all. This is law of the spirit. To the best I can discern it and word it.
This may not be easy for you who are religious to understand. A true follower of Christ Jesus cannot go forth in warfare. This is not loving one another as was Jesus fundamental principle. To Love one another. For any pastor to give permission for their flocks young ones to go off into warfare. Is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. 
Listening to relaxing Native American flute. 
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