Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Violent Predisposition: Violent Moment: (Unedited): 17 March 2015:

Those who have a predisposition for violence. Shall overwhelm all of the righteous and gentle peoples when lawlessness is the rule of the land. 
It is simple and very historical. Those of the gentle spirit has never been able to defend themselves against any violent force. Those who are righteous cannot defend themselves against violence.
The truly righteous person who is of the gentle spirit. Who has adopted the fundamental principles of Love, Peace, Harmony and life. Cannot harm another. Even if that other means them great harm. If the true righteous person acts out in violence then they cannot be at peace. To act out in conflict, battle or war is not the path of the righteous. A righteous person cannot love one another who they go forth and kill the enemy soldier. For they have taken a life and have harmed the sons and daughters as well as his wife.
Violent Moment: (Unedited): 17 March 2015:
One act of violence in a moment of time incurs much more harm on many more lives and for a much more longer period of time.
This is true. Any act of hate in a single moment of time. Always sends out suffering, anger and hate. From this suffering, anger and hate can birth a need for retribution, for justice of self. Especially when the law and justice systems only benefit the rich, famous and corporate entities. This is why you see what you can see in videos of violence. The thirst to murder at a McDonald's beat down by a gang of women. If the offended woman had been left alone. She would have killed the semi conscious woman on the floor. She would not stop her kicking the helpless woman in the head. At this point it does not matter who originated the problem. Once that woman is healed. She will go after them all. Someone must die in order to have respect or street cred.
If you need to read the news of this it is awful. To watch the video is saddening. For all of those people were present and no one stopped a gang style beating. They were entertained by it all.
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