Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dream 17 March 2015:

Anyone want to tackle a dream? 17 March 2015: UFO.
First is what happened yesterday. @ about 1935 HRS Eastern. I was traveling north bound on Hwy 19. in New Port Richey, Fl. I saw what appeared to be a large dark grey airplane going south (747 type). I could see the rear tail. From my driver side window. I looked again for a little more time and it appeared to be staying with us or flying backwards. I turned in quickly to get a better view. Spider sense tingling. I was with my daughter. Who seemed oblivious. At which point. When I got out of the car. The object continued southward and away from us. I figured some kind of optical illusion. Went on my way.
Dream last night.
I saw the same object building a thing with much materials. A large free standing building. The material was floating and some appeared to have some kind of random spin. Using my mind I was trying to disrupt the energy and intentions. I was able to do so at the point of their release and was only able to make a mess of things at the top of their building. End of dream. No left over emotional baggage. I knew I needed to stop them.

 Here in this area we do have many and various sorts of military aircraft. What is interesting I only saw the tail section and no wings. Getting late in the day. Possible C-130 or the larger C-5 Galaxy.
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