Monday, March 16, 2015

Pain Depart: (Unedited): 16 March 2015:

That which causes you pain and suffering must depart from you. Before your own natural healing can begin. 
It does not matter what kind of pain you suffer from. Whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. You may even suffer from many pains and sufferings that involve many different parts of your whole being. 
Each and every thing which causes you pain must be removed from you before your natural healing can begin. Even if a body part has become to sick, to injured and to damaged. Then it must be removed so that you can return to good health.
That is key to good health. All that has ever harmed you or has caused you injury. Must be removed from you. This includes all mental and spiritual injuries. No matter how far back they occurred.All of those memories of your abuses and tortures must be released by you. You must let go of all of your old woes and ancient sufferings. Even if they only ended days, weeks or months ago.
For any of your mental and spiritual healing to begin. You must be in control of your own mind. You must not be intoxicated in any way. You must not be drugged up or medicated in any way. You must not even be medicated in any way with mind altering substances. This does include smoking. Smoking even cigarettes is an addictive mind altering substance.
In order for you to make any logical decision based in reason. You must be sober. Being better because of medications, cigarettes, smoking marijuana or having a few nightly drinks. Is not being completely healed or perfectly healthy. You must make that decision to be healed and to become healthy. This is what begins your journey to becoming mentally and spiritually healthy. It is the same with physical health. In order to be physically healthy. You must first remove that which is causing injury or sickness. Makes sense? yes.

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