Monday, March 16, 2015

Masculine Tune: (Unedited): 13 March 2015:

A man who is in tune with his masculinity will not be embarrassed to dance with his lady on the empty dance floor.
There is something very romantic to having the entire dance floor to yourselves. The masculine male is also telling every other male present that they are less than you. Without even saying a word. The masculine male is also claiming his lady as his. It doesn't really matter how good or bad you are at dancing. The point is, you are willing. Just hold her tight. Sway and move to your own beat. The private couples dance can be with any song. Not just the slow ones.
The true essence of dancing with a significant other seems to be more about the merging of two different worlds into one on the dance floor. Where even on a dance floor there is only you and the other. It doesn't matter how many. You both are just alone within your worlds, coalescing into oneness. 
This is all about the delicateness of maleness. Not establishing property rights over females or ownership of any kind. These negative things are not my intended purpose. Because, You as a female who goes out with your man. Do you not want to dance if your inclined to do so? To be out on the dance floor even if it is only the two of you? besides, Once the dominant male takes the floor first. Everyone else will follow. Just watch for yourselves. If you have a floor full of dominant females and no males. Males may not be on the floor. It is the dominant male who leads everyone else and it doesn't matter if anyone knows your maleness personally or not.Besides to your woman you are her dominant male. So go forth and dance. Own the floor with your woman.
Yes, it is OK to laugh at this.
If you could only see what i see.
You would see this as a truth of dance floors.
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