Thursday, June 4, 2015

Common Righteous rejection: (Unedited): 01 June 2015:

When the common people have endured to many lies and deceptions. 
When the common people Have cause for mistrust and a lack of justice.
When the social suppression of any fairness in life has all but muted any hope.
The common people may outright reject the unknown hand of a righteous stranger.
 What is it that a common person is supposed to believe? What is truth? Why is bad-good and good-weak? Any person who twists the true meaning of any word is either a purposeful deceiver or a mindless deceiver. (I myself have the habit of improper word use and am doing my best to change the wrong habit).
we each must strive to seek out the truths and make all of them important again. It will be very difficult as anger and hatred may rise up against those who have continuously deceived you. Knowingly or mindlessly. Do not become angry and do not act out in violence. For the end result shall be our whole extinction on this planet. We as a species are at that point in our development. Either way a Human Righteous Era or Era of Human Righteousness shall begin as prophetically foretold. Actually, I do not believe those words have actually been spoken like that. Let me go and Google it. Nope. No matches. Interesting isn't it. Must be classified.
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