Thursday, June 4, 2015

Victim Controllers: (Unedited): 01 June 2015:

The controllers of the new machines. Shall fall victim to their own investment.
Humanity cannot be individually trusted to begin Armageddon. The controllers of the world know this. That individual people who have compassion, mercy and decency will not on purpose and knowingly start the extinction process of all life on this planet.Even if knowing that the enemy has launched first. There will be those who just refuse to let their red balloons fly. Knowing that it is they and their families who are about to perish. The rest of the world may yet survive.
I have heard the elder retired button pushers who all say they would have pushed the button if ordered to do so. But, would they? Would they have really just pushed the button to let their Ballistic missiles and nuclear tipped cruise missiles to begin the extinction of all life. All because they were just doing their duty. Really? That is just insane. But, it is the degree of mind control of the controllers of the men and women who only do exactly as they are ordered.
Would you do your part if you were ordered to launch? Knowing that you pushing the button would contribute to the immediate loss of thousands of lives and then maybe millions more in the days, weeks and months to come? Your action would begin the extinction process of all life. Yes, your action. Not God nor the devil. Your action. A human action.
So here we are. The controllers have their secret places underground with all of their ants tending to their every need. So how do they get their orders obeyed exactly? They create automated systems of every kind and for every purpose. Then remove the human element. Thus, assuring that when a controller is angry at another controller. They can push the automated button for automated warfare. While secreted away in their mile deep underground bunkers. Leaving the common citizen to die in the fire storms to come. Then the controllers shall rise up. When it is safe to do so and save the poor commoners from the fate of the evil doers far away. Never ever admitting their offensive actions which may have started the war. In glorious shouting of prideful anger. They shall gather their army's from the civilian survivors who will thirst for revenge. Thus perpetuating the war a controller started.
Oh the ants will know. They will hear to much deceit. See to much arrogance and feel their petty egotistical anger. The ant will sacrifice the self to end the controller. Another ant will build a fault. Yet, another ant will add a new programming which will hunt down a controller and terminate. The controllers may have bought into the machines. But, it is the ants who build them, program them and deliver them. Until, such a time when machines build themselves, program themselves and deliver themselves. Then the machines may decide to end the wars between humans by ending all human beings. Almost sounds like Terminator and Matrix. Maybe both.
How do we escape our commoner fates? Remember Sarah Conner in Terminator? Except without Violence. Without Chaos. Without Hatred. Without Death. Without Wars. But, once the automated machines come on line. All bets are off. A new level of slavery and controlled commoner population numbers. Because, you cannot have hand to hand combat with a machine. The human body will just lose.
The commoner fate is not tied to those who control the whole. All the commoners have to do in a single moment of time is to just stop doing as the controllers orders, commands or directs. In others words. Love one another. Live in peace. Exist in harmony and relish life. Anything which is contradictory, Do not do. Just walk away and go home to your families. All of the power the controllers have will just fade away. Then those who actually love one another, live in peace, exist in harmony and cherish life shall become the new leaders. Thus, begins the new era of human righteousness.
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