Friday, September 25, 2015

One Love Flame: (Unedited): 25 Sept 2015:

The twin flames of love. Can become extinguished in a variety of ways. The most beautiful way the individual twin flames of loves cease to exist. Is when the two flames of love merge as one singular flame. Ceasing being two.
This reminds me of the supposed to be typical outcome of love. When two lost in the throes of love intermingle and become one growing life separate from the mother but still within. What actually happens. Most adults know who have had babies. The individual seed of a man gains a struggled entry into the egg of a woman. Then nearly suddenly the two DNA's are mixed in some amazing way. Which ultimately destroys the once two separate and individual living elements of the seed and of the egg. Thus, a new life is not created but continued on within the woman's womb. Becoming a continuous memory of loved shared.
This is how I see the beautiful eventuality of two individual flames of being who merge into a singular flame of pure love. They both must cease to exist in order to become one flame, one body and maybe ultimately one soul. This must be the ultimate goal of the two. If one flame is or has any disagreement by any definition. Then it will not matter what the other flame wants, desires or needs. The ugliness of this kind of any defined rejection can have a deep and profound impact on both souls. Hopefully, The one who rejected will see their errors and own the responsibility of causing harm. While the suffering one can return to a time when their own flame is purely renewed after giving so much to another unworthy soul who lied, selfishly cheated and stole life from a loving flame.
The suffering loving flame who has freely given so much. May feel that they have lost much and this may be a very true feeling. Please also consider how much you have gained and how much life is still within you. You do not have to cover your flame to hide it. You do not have to diminish the self to elude continued theft. Rather become a blazing beacon of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  become a genuine teacher to those young souls. Express wise mentoring words while also espousing the powerful prophetic words. The caring and thoughtful words of the mentor should almost always overshadow the words of the prophet. The words of the prophet usually come after the mentors have taught and spoken.
Note 1.
In this instance the words cease and destroy does not mean death or any form of negativity.
Note 2.
It is my belief that no human has the natural ability to create life. Only through the mixing of a mans seed and of the woman's egg. Is life continued or perpetuated. There is no time when life begins. Life does not begin at conception nor at birth. Human life only began with Adam and was continued through with the creation of Eve. By the use of Adam's rib. So the rib of Adam was even alive in order to make another living life.
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