Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sad Shadow: Christ Wash: (Unedited): 02 Aug 2016:

Sad and alone even your own shadow becomes when the light of Christ does not illuminate you from within.
The illumination of Christ permeates through the darkest shadows of your soul. Washing away the dirtiness that is within your own darkness
The loneliness you may feel in life isn't from not have a loving and ever present spouse who supports you and is on your team. The loneliness you have is from not genuinely knowing God. By thirsting for any love by any human being. Is you through your own independent action.  That the love from God or from Christ is not enough to quench your thirst for more. It is really that simple. All things come from God including life and love.
You may feel like your missing out and are starving for a loving human relationship and those feelings are very real. They are also a sign about you and your spiritual condition with God. You can joins all of the clubs and groups you want to. It won't matter if they are operated by the church or by the world systems. The end result will be as it will be.
Go and find your love in Christ and in your Heavenly Father first. Learn how to become a good righteous son and daughter first. Learn how to become clean. Ho do you do this?
1) Be willing and wanting to read the word. The word is Jesus and the word is the Holy Bible.
2) Always be in prayer. prayer is usually where you are talking to your Heavenly Father.
3) Always be in Meditation. Meditation is usually where you are listening to your Heavenly Father.
4) Fast and create a very real history of fasting on a regular basis.
5) Always Reject and Always flee from all manor of sin.
6) Spend quiet time in contemplation on the word of God.
7) Go out into the world and show yourself to be a humble son and daughter of God. 

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