Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Professional Discipline: (Unedited): 04 Dec 2012:

Professional discipline will never alter or change a persons character. Only GOD can do that or a willingness of the person to respond positively to their own guilt if they have any. C.J.MacKechnie
Professional discipline includes suspension, fines and mandated apologies, They only work and only benefit the organization.  If the individual who has publicly offended people has no guilt or remorse. Then the action will be repeated. You cannot discipline a person into good character. A person must see the difference between right and wrong. Then that person must have an urging to do the right thing because it is good. Any outside influence which involves fear, threats, intimidation only has an affect on the individual in an opposite manor. The person may only do the right thing as defined and mandated by the organization. But, in private they think badly and act wrongly. The fundamental change is only an illusion made for the cameras and viewers.
The disciplined person who has been given a short suspension will consider it a mini vacation. This works for the benefit of both the organization and the person. Especially if the person is an asset which makes the organization a great deal of revenue. Then the governing entity and the organization can publicly claim, that justice has been served. This is all instantly defeated when the person who has been disciplined, publicly claims that he learned nothing of value and enjoyed his needed 2 day rest in Mexico. The lie and deception is revealed by the player. The lie and deception is only a marketing tool used by the governing body and organization to deceive the paying viewer, that something is being done. Which the truth of the matter is nothing has actually been done. Even if the player changes his name to World Peace or love One Another, It doesn't change the essence of the man. Even a name change is a deception for the paying viewer.
It is all about the money. There is no actual discipline or a change of heart.  That's all...
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