Sunday, June 2, 2013

Inexhaustible Love: (Unedited): 29 May 2013:

By actively and intentionally remaining connected with the Divine. You can become the constant conduit for the inexhaustible outpouring of Healing Love.

It is fear some to stand before the divine and source of all. You are helpless as a single grain of sand in any ocean wave or caught in the flow of any mighty river. There is absolutely nothing you can do and you are already caught up in the ALL. Even if you are unaware or even asleep. Yet, You remain unharmed to the awesome majesty of it all. Even if you are just looking away. You are not nor have you ever been alone or invisible or insignificantly small to the whole of everything there is, was and ever will be. You are safe, You are loved, You are cared for. The true nature of you is safe and always have been. Even when you were caught up in the wars that were not of your choosing. Your brothers who were lost in the fight are still OK and always will be, even though their bones have become forgotten dust. Just as you are and will be OK. No matter what ever it is you are going through right now. You are OK. Even though you feel my words are contrary to your own self defined truth of sadness and misery. You are OK.
Just as I was OK when my adopted mother tried to kill me many times, When I had to sleep in a tree or under a rail road bridge or under Big Pier 60 as a child. I was OK just as you are. Even if your abuses and tortures were and are far more severe than mine ever was. Your OK.