Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life Expected: (Unedited): 29 May 2013:

The majority of what comes in life can be expected and predicted. C.J.MacKechnie
Doing good things today and tomorrow. Creating the good memories of the past. What can any person expect and predict in their lives? If they do only good.
The 55 year old medical doctor who has saved many lives only did so by excelling and suffering through school.
The school teacher who inspired many every single year only did so because they were actively present and intentionally trying to inspire and motivate.
The life of a police officer or the firefighter.
The lowly construction worker, plumber or any other person of service. Your life in which you actively engage in has a direct affect upon the people you encounter daily. You each get to experience daily a job well done. Those seeds will become the sweet fruits to be enjoyed later.
You spend your time working hard and working smart. Your life in 10, 20  or even 50 years can be easily expected and predicted. Until, You fall victim to crime or an immoral decision. Even then your life will still be predictably expected.  Every emotional choice will have it's own corresponding logical reaction. Even if the logical reaction is hate, anger and violence. Which leads to loss of freedom, Loneliness, death, loss of wealth and a broken family. Which again leads to extinction.
If all you do is try and figure out how to secretly fracture and escape from the law. You will eventually be imprisoned or die.
If you become successful in crime and the law just cannot touch you. Your number 2 or 3 or 500 man may want it all one day. Why should he get a crumb when he can have the whole? It is just good business planning.
The honest drug dealer gets robbed and shot by the good customer who wants what you got. Plus, he gets a deep discount on the products he uses. Until he can't pay his secret distributor. Then dies. 

Even if you have lived badly and have made only selfish decisions. You can today alter your expected and predicted life's logical outcome.  Just by simply doing good things, thinking good things and believing in good things. Yes, even if you are already in jail or prison forever. Those dice you have already rolled. Your fate is already tied up in the games you have already played. So, just stop playing. Sure, Your bad friends will be angry and they will speak poorly about you. This is why they are bad and you are bad. Stop being bad and walk away. Even if the cost of successfully walking away is of spirit. You still become free and your memory will be of one for inspiration. The bad man who walked away a good man in spirit.