Sunday, June 2, 2013

Motivate Doom: (Unedited): 31 May 2013:

Your doom approaches when the only way to inspire or motivate your people to do good is through fear, threats, anger, hatred and rage. C.J.MacKechnie
You cannot move people to do good works or to live a good life with negative inspirations and motivations. In the short term. You may very well be successful in steering people to move in the direction of your choosing. In the end, they will hate you. Even if your motivations are true and righteous.

So Glenn Beck and others like him wants to save the USA. Very noble cause. He is trying to keep every one awake and active. He and they must realize that all is lost when threats of  any demise cannot move the population to keep and maintain their Country. A disease worse than cancer has already spread all across the land. It is
From apathy all is lost. You cannot force people to care for one another in an "all for me" culture.
You cannot motivate people based on self motivations or the loss of freedoms. The absence of WE in favor of Me, losses the wholeness of agreed upon unity. If a population cannot see or will not see the benefits of freedom in their lives. Then freedom they will not have. Love will be absent from them. Compassion will flee from them. The DE-evulation back in to the rules and laws of the animal kingdom will become prevalent. The laws of GOD has been pushed out of society. So the protections of GOD have not been removed. They also have been pushed away by the people through their continuous vote of evil people into offices for the last 60+ years.
The Non-Prophecies involving the Absence of the USA  is evident today in show like the Glenn Beck program.
Look at the absence of God within the mega churches within the USA. Yes, You get that feel good feeling. But, when the feeling disappears when you open the front door of your life. That feel good feeling is of the occult. Something which is only a covering to which that is true and real.
While the real and true churches of God suffers as Christ had in near destitution. This is where the righteous amongst you be. 
There is a reason why Glenn Beck is in Texas. Glenn Beck only thinks he knows. Those of you who follow and believe as Glenn Beck does. Make your plans to re-locate now to central Texas. Begin to organize your own economies, education programs, news sources and security. You have until mid 2015. You will then have to exclude all of those who are not of your own belief systems from your lives-Completely. Your part of Texas maybe your ARK.

Even within your micro-economy. You must exclude from doing business with anyone not of your agreements. After all, it is already being done in this USA by other groups. (Historically).
You cannot associate with those evil doers. In any way. 
There is no where else to go. We cannot go to another land or even planet. So, When those who left Europe to worship in peace with the discovery of "New Israel" or "New Jerusalem". They risked it all and sailed in ships to the new land.
What can you do? Better have babies.
Pray always.
Meditate constantly.
Contemplate often.
Worship in tune to your gifts.
Take actions in accordance to your inner guidance. Take Action.

Love must be the source for all motivations and inspirations.