Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lion Heart: (Unedited): 27 Feb 2014:

The strongest people you know may have hearts of a lion or lioness. This does not alter the fragility of their own heart. Which can be as equally damaged or broken as your own. 
My heart breaks every time I discover a new abused child while in the foster care system. My heart breaks every time when I see the leaders of the world not just walking down the road of human extinction but running. My heart breaks when a mother is unable to have children while another mother does more than kill her own child. My heart breaks when I hear of the woman who just wants to talk with her love and he flees like the varmint he is.  My heart breaks and breaks and breaks everyday.
I desire life. I desire life for all. I desire a life full of love, peace and harmony for all of us. That is the essence of discovering what joy really means. You are all my brothers and sisters. Even if you disagree, or hate or desire harm of myself. Because, I am fully aware of just how small I am. Can you say something as I have? Can you take a stand or even take a seat? For the life we all were born to have. That is a truth. We were all born to live a life. A life of freedom.

In my own heart and mind. I have desired to give  up. It is difficult to admit. What else would I think and believe when I have been told terrible things by the adoptive mother whom I only knew as mom. Yet, even from those words and feelings of weakness. I timidly remained like Anakin the two legged kitten coming out of his pet carrier for the first time. Without knowing if I had a heart or even what that meant. Without even knowing what love was.

To give up on my human brothers and human sisters may be in my mind at this moment. It is not true. Just my own weakness of doubts. Because, I am a believer in prophecy and it's end results. The truth of prophecy is if it is created by human hands. Then it is not a certainty, it is only a probability. Even prophecy by any natural means becomes only a probability when the level of civilization is increased. This is truth. A truth that each person should know and not live under the cloud of fear.

Even if you give up or all of humanity gives up. I shall not. Even if you want me to.


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