Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rain Dance: (Unedited): 27 Feb 2014:

From time to time the rains fall.
This is the perfect time to sing and dance with joy in your heart. 
That this to shall pass. 
Being a person of abuse. It seemed like I knew when the rains would come or that darkness may occur. Rain meaning torment and darkness meaning unconsciousness. Just as the storm fronts begin to come through I always knew it was about to rain. So did everyone else. This is life and how things generally occur. Then there are those sudden out of nowhere storms that just rush in and they are gone. Like a  surprise death of a loved one. You think everything is OK and then the accident or sudden illness which ends not the way you ever wanted.
In every case most of us continue onward. Some stay with their abuser or dead loved one. Some never come to realize that in reality the abuser is already dead and the dead loved one is more alive than ever. Weird, but seems very true to me. The abuser is doing their best to make the one they abuse as dead as they already are.

It has taken me a long time to realize the truth of being joyful over suffering. Because, Just like the storm shall pass over so to will the suffering. No matter the outcome. I wish I could explain the extreme of that. No matter the outcome there can be great joy. Either way you are victorious. So celebrate in your victory even while you still suffer.

Did you know that being rendered unconscious is the same as dying? Dozens of times and maybe even hundreds of times I have felt this. It is the same to me, although a doctor might disagree with me. As you wake up from unconsciousness while you do not when your dead. The doctor would be wrong. When your body dies you become more alive than your physical body can handle. As a matter of fact even going to sleep for me is just like dying. Weird.

A new storm of forgetfulness approaches. I can see it coming in slowly. Building in intensity and strength. I sing and dance to the coming storm with joy in my heart. My victory is assured and my legacy is nearly complete. All except for the editing and publishing of the third. It seems I may have been released from writing quotes and only do so because I choose to. I'm thankful and grateful.

I remember a long time ago. A black woman from Abbeville, AL. Sitting on a street corner singing songs of praise to God. No one knew what I knew. She has been with the Angels. While only the religious saw a crazy black woman who maybe drank to much holy water. That is the way it is. Angels can be very powerful. Some angels have the power to turn you on or off, easier than you can turn on a light switch. They can even alter your memories. And of course etc. Up close and personal contact with some of these angels can physically destroy you physical body, including your mind. To the lesser degree of not being able to live of the world while living in the world. Such as this woman.
While delivering the ashes of my adoptive father to Abbeville, AL. I saw this woman again. This time she was just a dull buzzing of a medicated shell of a human being. I guess she is now as normal as they can make her. Someone probably thought her praises to GOD were to disturbing to the public. Most likely her safety and well being was a priority. What was the message of those angels? I wonder if anyone actually asked her. Or did they thought she was just plain ole crazy? Would you risk your life right now to be in the presence of an angel? Moses with all of his faults and failings was willing to risk everything just to see God. God saw through Moses ignorance. What gift was given to this woman? or would you call it a curse. Would you have let her die of thirst or starve while praising God? or would you possible curse her with mind dulling medications as has been done for her own safety and well being? Which is or was more merciful?

I do find it suspect that if someone has been in the physical presence of some of the more powerful angels and yet they can still cope with this blinded reality of this world. I'm not so certain of their truth. There is that whole Moses thing and how God only allowed a small portion of Himself to Show to Moses and how just that tiny sliver affected him. Angels are of course less powerful than God but they still have a similar effect upon the physical state of human beings.
Expressing love to everyone and everything is a key to a good life.
Being peaceful, both internally and externally is a key to a good life.
Creating and Maintaining harmony within and everywhere is a key to a good life.
By doing all three things by your own free logical choice. Without threats or fears.
Brings about wisdom and holiness. I believe this is something that God wanted for us from the beginning.

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