Friday, February 7, 2014

Missing Rainbows: (Unedited): 07 Feb 2014:

Allowing the anger and negativity to overcome your attitude, while being forced to work outside in the chilling rain. Will cause you to miss out on the beauty of a glorious sunrise to the east and a fantastic arching rainbow to the west. 

How many times have you had to do something which was very uncomfortable. Maybe, the job at hand was even beneath you but, it had to be done right then. The wise elder knows this and just works diligently to get the job done right the first time. The young one needs to focus on the intent of the wise elder. To see and experience what is necessary through the wise elders purposeful actions . Because only in that single moment of time can the beauty of your current experience be viewed only my you, only once. Open up all of your senses and allow all of the divine beauty to enter within. Know and feel the joy of all.
But only 
only if you can
if you will
to keep within you in any time of trial or difficulty
the Love
the peace and 
the harmony 
of how all just happens.
Then you will
see and know a beauty
which was meant only for you in that time.
Life has been sad.
Life has been bad.
Life has been difficult.
Life has been lonely.
It is easy to emanate hate.
It is easy to remain angered.
It is easy to always find the problems.
It is easy to know only ugliness.
It is easy to abuse and to torture.
It is easy to be bad.
It is easy to be sad.

For all of those things had been done unto me
       and it was all I had known. 
I refuse to remain in the darkness of my former life.
In the light of a life of love.
Beauty is everywhere 
and is happening.
Musings of an American Truck Driver