Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Life Storms: (Unedited): 11 June 2010:

Even during the rain storms of life. Something good and positive can be found if searched. 
If you are reading this and your life has been hell. Then know right this very moment. Your a survivor. Your a conqueror. Your victorious. Yes, You do not feel like one. Neither did I. But, never the less you are. Yes, the abuses and tortures you have endured were evil, bad and terrible. Yet, here you are reading this goofy quote.  Of all of the hell you have had to endure. Your strength and will defeated those who tried to end you. Your strength and will to live is proof that you won. I do understand, what I am trying to prove to you. I did not feel strong let alone a winner. I felt very much the opposite.
No matter what you have already endured in this life. Even if you think and believe that all this life has ever been is Hell on Earth. There always is something positive to learn. Even if it is a simple positive thing that people can smile at in a weird way. Such as for me. "It is not good to try and kill your adopted son (me)". I know that was probably a failed attempt at humor. That is a basic lesson to learn. It is not good to kill your children, to abuse your children, to torture your children and etc.
There are about 500,00 kids in foster care every single year in the USA and the majority of those kids have parents who did not know that one simple truth and still don't. 

Search for those positive good things which are within you. You are of great value and importance. 

You are worthy of the life you know you should have. You can give to your own children the life you always ever wanted. make the effort and make it happen.