Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Change Prayer: (Unedited): 28 Jan 2014:

It is ineffective to pray to God to change the world of our own creation. 
The world as we know it is controlled by Satan. Most of or all of the rulers in every category of leadership is chosen by Satan. If you are against legally accepted immorality and sin. Then you who are religious should vote those persons out of every elected office and put in those into office who will effect the necessary change for realignment with God's/Allah's laws.
You must live your life not of the world even though you must live in it. Your participation in the world systems is what gives the world as it is it's power. By not participating in the world. You become a separate piece of the world's broken power. When there is enough pieces missing. The world systems of governance shatter. Unable to support itself.

What does this mean? You must live in accordance to the old ways. Which means living in harmony with the Earth is necessary. Loving your neighbor is necessary. Existing peacefully is necessary. Rejecting all world view lies and deceptions is necessary. Eating purely. Living purely and sinless.

What does this mean? No man cave. No participation in media or entertainment industry. No financial debt or tie with worldly investments.
By living in a purest sense. Your participation with doctors and pharmacology of any sort is minimized. This also includes any vaccines. Even for your babies and the elderly.
To effectively change the world in which you live in. You must first change, then your family, then your neighbors, then your town, then your county, then your state, then your nation, then the world. Change requires continuous action on your part. Action to offset the evildoers who are organized.

If all of them are to deeply rooted into the vine of lies and deceptions. Then you must empower yourself to separate yourself from that evil vine. Go and journey and graft yourself into those who are godly and who live the truth in righteousness daily.
Verse 8 important here.
You cannot give what is not yours. 
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